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Why You Should Invest in Professional Real Estate Photography

Recent research suggests that as high as 95% of all home buyers on the Central Coast use mobile apps to view their next home. t is necessary to have professional real estate photos not just to stand out from the competition but because they are your first, and sometimes only, impression to the majority of potential home buyers.

Professional Real Estate Photography Central Coast NSW
Professional Real Estate Photography Central Coast NSW

Using Professional real estate photos can draw more attention to your listings and result in more leads by potential buyers; more click-throughs don’t necessarily lead to more sales, but reaching more buyers with your listing betters your chance of finding the right buyer.

If you are listing a home in a higher price bracket, you need to use professional photos to match the rest of your competition. If you are listing in a price bracket with little professional photography being used, take advantage and stick out from the competition by embracing professional photography.

Standout and make a professional real estate photographer part of your brand; you can work with iDeal Photography to create a look and efficient workflow that works for your business needs.

Why work with iDeal Photography

• Professionalism, reliability, and relationships. You can rely on me for those ‘last minute jobs’, or emergency listings, the ones that a seller agreed to, and you better start now, or they won’t list with you.

• Fast turnaround, guaranteed, so you can get that property listed.

• Images that will make your listing stand out from the crowd.

• Experienced and dedicated. A photographer with professional quality photography equipment who knows how to use it and includes backup gear to make sure the job is completed as agreed.

• Passion. I am passionate about good photography but even more about providing excellent customer service.

• Online booking. Now available, for your convenience, is an online booking system with up-to-the-minute real-time availability. An easy-to-understand, and use, a system that will save you time and enable you to make bookings when it suits you.

• Open and honest communication. I pride myself on my customer service and communication skills. You will not be let down, and you will be kept up to date throughout.

All iDeal Photography Real estate images

All our images get the magic ideal photography editing checklist to increase prospects' and buyers interest.

  • White Balancing

  • Image Sharpening

  • Vertical & horizontal straightening

  • Remove minor blemishes

  • Lens distortion removal

  • Brightness & contrast adjustment

  • Outdoor sky replacement

  • Lawn enhancement – repair or replace

  • Remove pool cleaners from water

  • Tone adjustment

  • TV screen replacement

  • Dust removal spot removal

  • Flash reflection

  • Add fire to fireplaces

  • HDR bracketing with indoor window replacement

  • Remove photographer’s reflection


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