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Real Estate photography for selling your home without an agent

Property images for selling your home privately or through an online real estate agency

A simple photoshoot can maximize your home's value and give you a quick and easy private sale

Why is photography so important when it comes to selling your home?

So you have chosen to sell privately, first things first, Estate Agents will be using high-quality photography. So if you're not, you'll be at a disadvantage and be missing out on countless potential buyers. There are pros and cons to selling your home privately, but if you are choosing to make the decision not to use an agent, you need to stand out with excellent marketing. Choose iDeal Photography for the ideal sale.

If you are selling privately, then top-notch photography and video content are without a doubt the most important investment you'll make.

You will outshine the competition, set unforgettable first impressions with potential buyers, and sell your home for more money in less time!

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Most importantly, first impressions mean everything!

Almost all buyers will start their search online, scrolling through hundreds of listings and giving each one a short, fast, and judgemental glance.


So if your photography and media content aren't standing out and catching buyer's eyes, they'll scroll straight past your listing and likely never pay it another look.

With high-quality media content, you'll:

  • Stand above the competition with stunning content that catches the attention of buyers, highlights your home's best features, and leaves a memorable first impression.


  • Generate buyer interest, helping your home to sell for more in less time.


  • Maximize your property value due to having a more desirable home that has buyers EXCITED to get inside, view the property, and lay down offers.


All of the above adds up to you enjoying a fast sale while cashing in the maximum value!

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Saving money and doing your own photography may seem like a good idea at first, but by doing so could  lose you thousands of dollars

You might be thinking, "Why can't I take pictures myself and save the money?"


Of course, you could do it that way. But it's a Real Estate fact that better pictures make for a better sale.

You may save a few hundred dollars taking your own photos. But you'll struggle to attract attention, take months (maybe even years!) to sell your home, AND you'll end up selling below your property's maximum value.

Attractive listings sell faster and for A LOT more money!

While we're on the topic of maximizing your property value, why not download our free guide:


'11 Quick and easy ways to increase the value of your home'.

11 Proven Ways to Increase the Value of Your Home with minimal outlay and maximum return on your investment

Are you ready to beat the Estate Agents at their own game?

Think about it - you've decided to sell privately to save on commission and maximize your profit, right?


So why not go that little further and ensure your home sells for every cent it's worth?

With iDeal Photography, you'll receive:

  • 10-12 Stunning Images that highlight your home's best features and downplays any flaws.


  • 3 Drone Images that showcase your home from its best angles and displays its gorgeous surroundings.


  • 360 VR tour to excite buyers by giving them the chance to feel what it would be like to live in your home.


  • Engaging 90-second video (complete with aerial drone footage) to present your beautiful home in its full glory.


Your new photos and video will turn your property into the dream home - coining you maximum profit in minimum time.


So don't let your home drown in the sea of online listings. Book your photoshoot today and sail over the competition!

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Domain and only allow listings from licensed real estate agents –  some of the DIY sites have this licence. Just check before selecting the vendor that is the right fit for you. Data from says that across the central coast in 2020 around 75 homes were via online realestate agents, here are some that iDeal Photography have worked with, but have no affiliations with.

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