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STRA Fire Evacuation Plan Diagrams for the Short Term Rental Industry across NSW Australia 

We provide STRA Airbnb Accommodation  Fire Evacuation Plan Diagrams 

Airbnb short term rental fire evacuation diagrams_edited.jpg.jpg

Airbnb STRA evacuation Diagrams for the Short Term Rental Industry, 48 Hour Turnaround 

The New South Wales Government has adopted several new regulations for buildings classified as Short-Term Rental Accommodation (STRA), which includes Airbnb's and similar holiday accommodations. One of the regulations is the "Fire Safety Standard", which came into effect on November 1, 2021.

Updated 2022.

Evacuation Plans & Diagrams for Short Term Rental Accommodation (STRA) in NSW, Australia AS3745:2010 Compliant - Fire Evacuation Diagrams

STRA Property Identification (PID) Requirement

If you're planning to list your property on platforms like Airbnb, Stayz, or any other, a STRA Property Identification (PID) number is now mandatory. To be issued this PID number, your property needs to meet certain specifications. One pivotal requirement is having compliant evacuation diagrams.

Key Features of STRA Evacuation Plans:

Details Here 

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Example Short Term Rental Fire Evacuation diagram


Who needs to have a STRA Short Term Rental Fire Evacuation diagram?,


The quick answer is all Airbnb StayZ rental properties, holiday homes, and other types of short-term let dwellings need to provide a fire evacuation diagram that meets the new legal requirements that are displayed in  4.2 of the Fire Safety Standard; details here. You should also have interconnected smoke alarms that are compliant with fire standards.

Why STRA Fire Safety Diagrams?

Short-term rental properties, particularly those on platforms like Airbnb and Stayz, require a certain level of safety preparedness. Guests unfamiliar with the property need clear, concise, and accessible evacuation instructions in case of an emergency.

You must install fire evacuation diagrams in each bedroom and behind the main building entry door as required by STRA fire safety standard requirements. Evacuation diagrams show the information needed in case of an emergency. AS3745:2010 compliance prescribes that they must contain data about fire equipment, escape routes, and emergency assembly points as a minimum.

iDeal Property Photography can measure and create these as part of our photography package service or standalone. View our service options below. Protect your family and guests and make sure your Airbnb holiday listing meets the Fire Safety Standards NSW STRA legislation.

Our short-term rental STRA AS 3745:2010 compliant fire evacuation diagram services

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All plans are provided in PDF format and priced regardless of the size of the property.

Fire FAQ
48 hour turnaround airbnb short term rental fire evac diagrams. short term rental fire evacuation diagrams

Example of recent AS 3745:2010 compliant evacuation diagrams created for STRA and Airbnb properties

STRA fire evacuation diagrams for accommodation in New South Wales (2).jpg
STRA fire evacuation diagrams for accommodation in New South Wales (1).jpg

For extra information on the NSW STRA Legislation, please follow the below links 

Department of Fair Trading NSW

Department of Planning NSW

Details on the AS 3745 2010  Planning for Emergencies in Facilities

Short-term rental complaint STRA fire evacuation diagrams for Stayz, AirBNB,  B&B, and other holiday rental properties across Australia

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