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real estate photography packages central coast nsw

Sell Your Property Faster: Professional Real Estate Photography


Experience unparalleled excellence with iDeal Property Photography, the foremost authority in real estate imagery and videography throughout the Central Coast NSW region in 2024. Specialising in crafting captivating visual content, our offerings include premium Central Coast real estate photography and video services designed to elevate your listing's visibility and allure. As we step into 2024, our commitment is unwavering in providing superior real estate visual solutions meticulously tailored to showcase the distinct charm and attractiveness of properties in the Central Coast of NSW. Don't let your property blend in; make it stand out! Seize the opportunity to transform your listings and captivate potential buyers. Contact iDeal Property Photography today and set your property apart with our exceptional visual marketing services. Make the smart choice to enhance your listings and accelerate your success in the competitive real estate market. Your ideal buyer is just a photo away!


2024 Price List Real Estate Photography Package Costs.

Combine our services into affordable real estate photography and video packages for 2024 in the Central Coast NSW area to get your perfect, cost-effective solution for listing your next property. We understand the specific needs of the Central Coast NSW real estate market, and our 2024 packages are designed to meet these requirements with advanced techniques like aerial drone imagery, and immersive, and high-definition property videos.

Explore our Real Estate Photography Costs: 2024 for Central Coast NSW, offering comprehensive and competitive pricing that reflects our commitment to quality and local market understanding.

Frequently asked questions about our photography real estate media price lists

1. What is the turnaround time for photo delivery?

  • Our standard turnaround time is 24 hours from the completion of the photoshoot. This ensures you receive your high-quality images promptly, helping to accelerate your listing process.

2. How are photos delivered for shoots conducted on Fridays?

  • For photoshoots that take place on Fridays, we deliver the finished photos on the following Monday. This slight adjustment ensures consistent quality while accommodating weekend timelines.

3. Can you elaborate on the full digital edit provided for all images?

  • Each image undergoes a 10-step digital editing process. This includes enhancements like editing the grass for a greener look, adding a blue sky for a more vibrant feel, and other adjustments to ensure each photo showcases the property in its best light.

4. What makes the Platinum Twilight Package unique?

  • The Platinum Twilight Package, priced at $1150 incl GST, is tailored for properties that are especially striking in the evening. It includes sunset photos, a colour floorplan and siteplan, drone images, a 360 VR Tour, and a day-to-night transition video.

5. What are the features of the standard Platinum Package?

  • For $910 including GST, the standard Platinum Package offers 15+ images, a colour floorplan and siteplan, drone shots, and a 90-second walkthrough video with drone footage, suitable for daytime property showcasing.

6. Why is the Gold Package so popular?

  • At $540 including GST, the Gold Package is favoured for its balance of price and features. It includes 12-15 images, a colour floorplan and siteplan, drone images, and boundary markings.

7. What do the Silver and Bronze Packages offer?

  • The Silver Package ($410 incl GST) offers 12-15 images, a black and white floorplan, and a colour siteplan. The Bronze Package, at $350 incl GST, provides 6-8 images, a black and white floor plan, and a rapid 24-hour turnaround.

8. Are custom packages available for commercial properties?

  • Yes, we provide bespoke solutions for commercial properties or unique requirements. Visit our commercial property media website page, here 

9. What does the Real Estate Video service include?

  • Priced at $410 incl GST, our Real Estate Videos feature an agent intro, branded music, and a showcase of the property and local area, highlighting key lifestyle elements.

10. Do you offer services for Airbnb accommodations?

11. How do your 2024 packages cater to the Central Coast NSW market?

  • Our 2024 packages are designed specifically for the Central Coast NSW market, using advanced techniques like aerial drone imagery and high-definition videos, offered at competitive prices.

12 Do you cover outside the Central Coast of NSW

  •  Yes, we do contact us to discuss.

13 Are you based on the Central Coast

  • Yes, we are , we are based in Avoca Beach and service all areas. 

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