How to get professional real estate images without hiring a professional photographer.

First, of an investment in having a professional capture images of your home for sale, is an investment that worth considerable investigation, that will easily repay itself with a desirable sale price for your most valuable asset.

If the budget is tight here are some tips for getting the best images possible using either your own camera or mobile phone.

1) Declutter and clean before pressing the camera button, 90% of a real estate photographer time is spent making sure space looks just right before taking the picture.

Great your own interior professional real estate photos

2) Use a tripod, this makes a huge difference, even the best Phone and Camera that have built-in image stabilisation cannot compare with using a tripod, this will also slow you down and make you think about getting the right composition.

How to capture your professional real estate photography images

3) Do not shoot from eye level, most professional real estate images are shoot at around waist height to give a good balance of floor and ceiling space. exceptions to these rules may be in Kitchens and bathrooms where you may wish to hide or show countertops. Outdoor images should look to shoot higher as buildings are larger and look better from a higher angle

4) Professional photographer uses all sorts of different lighting techniques, to capture that full dynamic range of the scene if your phone or camera has an HDR function put it into that setting, read this article for more info.

How to take your own professional real estate photos

5) Make sure your angles are straight, another reason to use a tripod, whether using a mobile phone or camera, but when reviewing images, make sure your straight lines, like windows and doors, are straight, Adjust your camera to correct this before taking the image.

6) Shoot wide when possible, use the widest lens you own, or use a wide-angle setting on your phone.

How to Take Real Estate Photos That Will Sell Your House

Again Professional Real-estate Photographers can bring skills and knowledge to a property that is well worth the investment, but following these few tips above can elevate the images of your property with your own camera.

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