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Checklist to Prepare Your Home for Real Estate Photography images.

The marketing of your home will dramatically impact your buyer's opinion of your house and your sales price.

Property Preparation

Everyone wants the property to look its best. The Estate Agent and seller wants it to look good to sell fast, and buyers want to walk into a home that’s ready to be theirs.

We suggest the following inside:

  • Bulbs are fresh in all lights and fixtures (this includes ceiling fixtures and lamps)

  • All fans are turned OFF

  • Blinds are in physical and aesthetic working order, able to be easily opened and closed

  • All personal goods are removed from the shower stalls (soaps, shampoos, loofas, etc)

  • Toothbrushes, toothpaste, personal hygiene items are cleared from the bathroom counters

  • Toilet seats are down

  • Towels are put away properly

  • Small kitchen appliances are removed from countertops

  • All soap and dishes are removed from the sink

  • All food is put away in cabinets or pantry

  • All beds are made

  • Carpets are vacuumed and floors are cleaned

  • There are no visible boxes or piles of clutter under the bed

  • Laundry is removed from front-loading washers and dryers and laundry room has no hanging clothes Dog/cat bowls and toys are put away

  • Dogs are restrained during the shoot

  • Conceal all computer/electrical cabling as best as possible

  • All mirrors and hanging items are straight

  • All portable electronics are put away

  • All surfaces are clutter-free (dining room tables, counters, etc.)

  • Computer monitors and television screens are turned off

We suggest the following outside:

  • Parked cars should be parked in the garage or on the street not directly in front of the listing

  • Hoses are put away in an organized fashion or hidden

  • Flags and any personal sporting or logos are removed

  • Any leaves on patios or porches have been swept

  • Toys/sporting equipment is removed from the backyard and put up Pool is cleaned and free of cleaning devices and/or toys

  • Patio/deck furniture is properly arranged

  • Built-in grills are cleaned on the outside with the cover removed

  • Moveable grills are moved to the side of the house or garage

  • Dog droppings are picked up from the yard

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