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Using Real Estate Video Marketing to Sell More Properties and Boost Your Real Estate Agent Profile.

Many real estate agents have not yet embraced video marketing to sell their properties, as well as boost their branding and visibility.

Real estate videos are like growing trees that keep on giving free marketing back to agents long after the success of selling the property that was highlighted.

All the facts are out there and visible on how powerful videos are for grabbing attention, winning engagement and getting results on property sales. But they are also an invaluable tool for real estate agents to boost their profile. With only 4% of agents in Australia actively using video on their properties it is an untapped genre, with huge benefits to the progressive agent that can harness its rich marketing potential.

Showcasing video on real estate websites like, etc, as well as agent's own channels social media, websites, etc. will significantly expand your reach and brand awareness.

When looking to boost your real estate agent profile think beyond the traditional areas. Once you have a video share it everywhere, as it's all aiding to increase your visibility. Check out this blog for ideas.

Some video tips to boost your profile:

  • Consider an opening sequence where you, the agent, highlights the positive aspects of the location, area, etc.

  • Make sure you close off with full contact details.

  • Your part in the video should not be too long, as it's still all about the house, but long enough to showcase you as well.

  • Property videos should be around 90 seconds. Some photographers suggest 60 seconds max, and iDeal Photography can accommodate that, however, our analytics suggest 90 seconds is the sweet spot for maximum engagement.

iDeal Photography's video analytics show that real estate videos continue to be watched long after the property is sold. As potential clients seek information about which real estate agent is best to use in their local market, your videos will appear in their searches. This is a free ad direct back to you.

So embrace video marketing today, not just to get powerful results and engagement for your current listings, but to boost your brand and authority in the real estate market space.

iDeal Photography can work with you to create a unique personalised video that embraces the quality of your listing as well as boosting your profile.

Do not hesitate to contact us today, servicing agents across the Central Coast, Northern Beaches and Newcastle areas of Australia.

How are you planning to harness 2021? Try property video marketing from iDeal Photography.


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