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Professional Accomodation Photography can increase booking sales

High quality commercial photography is a proven technique for increasing holiday rental booking whether you are using booking services like Airbnb, StayZ or taking bookings directly through your own website.

Taking a good quality photo is a lot harder than you think. Elements such as lighting, composition and post production play a huge role in how good your images will look to the visiting guest. Particularly with accommodation a large part of their decision will be swayed by the quality of your website photos. Photos are most likely the first thing people will see and look at when they enter your site, your description will only be second if the images capture their interest.

Think about the last time you researched somewhere to stay online. How important were the photos to you when making your decision? Does your current photos make you listing standout and encourage potential clients to take action.

Book your next accommodation photography shoot on the Central Coast online today here. Any question call Rob on 0439559210 or email


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