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Construction Time-Lapse Photography, Central Coast, NSW


If you have never heard of Construction Time-Lapse photography, you’re likely missing out on one of the most exciting trends in the real estate property construction industry.

You know how to take an empty plot of land or an old fixer-upper and turn it into a place that people can call home, a place where people can socialize and shop, or a place where business owners and employees can work together to grow their business. But do you have the tools you need to show potential buyers and renters that your properties and projects are built with quality, care, and expertise?

Using time-lapse photography for construction projects, renovations, and installations is a great way to give your customers a behind-the-scenes look at the process, from beginning to end, in a few quick moments.

But what is Construction Time-Lapse Photography?

In its simplest form, time-lapse photography is a method of combining multiple images taken over a period of time and combining them to make a video. The main difference between a time-lapse video and a normal video is the amount of time between images.

In a typical video, the camera might record twenty to thirty images EVERY SECOND, which is roughly the number of images the human eye can interpret. When the images are played pack at the same speed of twenty to thirty frames per second, we see the images blend together into what we perceive as motion.

To create a time-lapse video on the other hand, the photographer might take one image per minute, hour, or even per day, and play them back at the same twenty to thirty frames per second. When we view a time-lapse video, we perceive the images as motion that has been sped up hundreds or thousands of times, allowing us to observe a much longer timeframe in a shorter time.

As an example, if a construction project were to last thirty days, with twelve hours of construction per day, it would take three hundred and sixty hours to watch a normal video of the construction. But a time lapse video with a single image taken each half hour would last only twenty-four seconds.

Time-Lapse for Large Construction

Big projects often require a lot of approvals from a lot of people. Clients need to know that your projects are completed efficiently and using quality tools. A time-lapse video of your construction process can help convince potential clients by letting them see the entire construction process from beginning to end.

Time-Lapse for Home Remodeling

A simple before and after is a good enough way to show off your remodeling project, but if you really want to impress, showing off a time-lapse of the progress from day-one to completion is the way to go. Whether the project lasts a few hours or a few weeks, showing a potential buyer a high-quality time-lapse helps them to feel like they are right there watching you and see just how big of a transformation actually took place!

Time-Lapse for Smaller Projects

Of course, time-lapse videos aren’t ONLY for convincing potential clients, they can also be used to make your social media friends jealous of that amazing new deck or pool you installed just in time for summer!

construction Progress time lapse videos
construction Progress time lapse videos

How Do I Know if My Project is Right for Construction Time-Lapse?

Projects on a shorter time frame, such as small construction projects, landscaping, or quick installations can be a great candidate for this, allowing you to quickly share videos on social media, your website, or wherever of your latest work.

But the great thing about time-lapse is that there really is no ‘upper limit’ to how long the project can be. In fact, for long-term land development projects spanning multiple months, commercial development projects involving multiple structures, or large-scale renovation projects often last for so long their true scale can’t always be captured by traditional photography or video.

There truly is nothing that can compare with being able to show a potential client or investor an entire industrial-scale construction project during a pitch presentation. Giving them the ability to see with their own eyes the transformation as it unfolds can make the difference between being intrigued by a project and being interested in learning about the next steps.

Whether a project is a few hours or a few months long, time-lapse photography can be a useful tool for sharing the progress.

How Can I Use Time-Lapse Photography to Benefit My Business?

As with any sales or marketing tool, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for how to use time-lapse photography, but like any great marketing or sales-enablement asset, these videos provide a unique and flexible way to connect with your clients, investors, and stakeholders.

By condensing a project from days, weeks, or months into seconds or minutes of video, you will be able to use a time-lapse video as engaging and exciting content for social media, allowing your followers to see how your renovation company turns a run down house into a beautiful home, how your pool installation company can turn a boring back yard into a place full of fun in the sun, or how your landscaping company can turn an overgrown lot into a beautiful garden park.

But these videos are useful for so much more than just social media. Time-lapse videos provide a unique addition to the traditional portfolio of video and still images.

Add these hyper-fast videos of your construction, renovation, or land development project to your website, presentation, or even to your sales emails and give your potential clients the opportunity to really see what they are about to buy.

If you are on the Central Coast of NSW and are looking for full service time lapse construction camera management, please contact us. The Brinno cameras we sell and rent are perfect for low cost, DIY time lapse creation, or let us handle the complete project for you.

We have cameras ready to deploy, offer licensed drone operation and professional progress and completion photos.

Innovative video and photography services are available for all of your marketing needs. Our services are not limited to just construction, we can document events and gathering, Art installations, transport movement patterns and more, feel free to talk to us today to discuss your requirements.

home builder time lapse photography on the central coast nsw
home builder time lapse photography on the central coast nsw


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