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Australian Real Estate Photographer, What's The Future Of Real Estate Photography.

At the time of writing this blog post in April 2020, the real estate market in Australia is going through a once in a lifetime change that is forcing many real estate agents, photographers videography etc to quickly adapt to keep buyers interest alive. With a traditional group, open homes banned, strict social distance rules in place in all public areas. Real estate agents are having to do individual show rounds and seek out new technology to allow visual showcases of their listing and keep the cost of sale manageable.

One new technology that has seen an explosion of interest is 360 Real estate tours, varies different tours are offered from a simple work through with the agents mobile phone, walkthrough video that showcases each living areas or full 360 interactive tours that allow the potential buyers to engage and choose where and when they look across the whole property.

iDeal Photography has been offering interactive 360 tours for a while to the Real Estate market but also local small business as a way to engage potential customers. With full self-guided 360 panoramic images that allow users to pan and scroll through the whole scene, using the latest in HDR 360 technology. RICOH THETA cameras, allows real estate clients to experience the complete home in 360°. All images Record natural 360° still images with high resolution and highly precise stitch image processing

All images are compiled into a visual tour that is hosted in leading-edge software, designed specifically for the real estate market and available to share branded with the agent's contact details on all Australian real estate platforms like and

HIGH RESOLUTION | HIGH DYNAMIC RANGE | MEDIA RICH INTERACTIVE TOURS Affordable  360° virtual tours. Provide an immersive visual experience like never before  Real Estate Virtual Open Homes  Restaurants Schools Commercial Developments Retail Aged Care Homes Sports Facilities. There is nothing more immersive than panoramic photography. It brings a space or property to life, giving the viewer an unrestricted  360° view and placing things into perspective, which standard photography just cannot achieve.

Call Rob to discuss you're needs on 0439559210 or email Based on Central Coast of NSW

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