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Why you should use real estate video marketing to sell more property in 2023

According to statistics by Statista, from the year 2022, more than 82% of consumer internet traffic will come from online videos. Videos are increasingly becoming the most consumed type of content on the internet, and it's no surprise that they've also evolved into an excellent avenue for real estate agents to connect with people who are looking to buy and sell a property. If you've been thinking of including video content into your real estate marketing strategy, here's why you should finally take the leap and incorporate video content to boost your digital marketing efforts.

Why you should use real estate video marketing to sell more property in 2022
Why you should use real estate video marketing to sell more property in 2022

Why video marketing is so effective in the real estate industry

Video marketing helps agent listings gain more exposure

With so much competition in the Australian real estate industry, it's in an agent's best interest to make sure that their listings stand out from the thousands of listings available online. Adding high-quality real estate videos that depict a home's interior and exterior is a great way to attract potential buyers because people are more likely to engage with video than other content types.

Another reason to jump onto the Australian real estate video marketing trend is that videos perform well on social media platforms, help your website rank better in search engines, and increase impressions due to the nature of video previews.

Real estate video marketing helps agents build online brand awareness.

Putting a face to a name through video marketing will help build trust between you and your audience. People are more inclined to work with people they're comfortable and familiar with, and what better way to develop that rapport with your potential clients than by introducing yourself through a series of short, engaging, and informative videos across your digital platforms?

The high visibility nature of video content also means more people will see your listings and become familiar with your brand or business.

Buyer interest is captured through real estate property videos.

Video captures content in a way that still Photography or writing isn't able to. With the right video quality, angles, editing, and music, you can easily capture and retain buyer interest with walk-through real estate videos.

Properties can sell for a higher price due to the amount of attention sparked by real estate videos.

The more interest that a property garners, the easier it is to leverage it to sell it for a higher price. This is a benefit for agents because they'll make more commission and please their clients.

Marketing real estate videos is an excellent way to drive lead generation.

You can incorporate video marketing at every stage of your sales funnel to maximise its benefits. For example, videos can be used at the top of your sales funnel to generate impressions through embedding, and in the middle and bottom of the sales funnel, videos can be used as a call to action to persuade people to make a specific decision.

Real estate video marketing is versatile.

Videos can be used in a variety of ways. You can put videos in your online listings, embed them on your website, and post short clips on social media. The content in your videos can range from videos of properties, testimonials, real estate tips, and more. Real estate videos can also be ongoing perpetual marketing for the real estate agents, showing up online, Youtube well after-sale, and highlighting the agent's talents.

It gives people a more accurate view of the layout of a home.

Two-dimensional images don't offer enough depth perception and can make a property look smaller or more significant than it is. A walk-through real estate video and an aerial view video can offer a more accurate view of how the home looks.

Video marketing offers unadulterated access to properties — a 24/7 open house.

Potential buyers will be able to view your listings anytime and anyplace. This offers convenience for both you and the potential buyer, saving you time, money, and effort. I

It's undeniably the future of real estate marketing.

Real estate video marketing is here to stay. It's also a growing digital marketing strategy that many Australian real estate agents are using to sell more properties. People are getting more and more comfortable and consuming videos and expect to see videos of properties.

Examples of real estate video marketing

Property tours

Walk through videos can be taken on your phone and posted to your listing or on social media. You can also opt to hire a professional videographer for a cleaner shot, adding the intro of the agent with clear quality audio. As well as overlaying possible graphics and titles to provide more contextual information. Customised to each agent's requirements.

Property drone footage

Take a video of the perimeter using drone footage. It's also a great way to show potential buyers what the neighborhood looks like from a birds-eye view. iDeal Photography combines with walkthrough videos to provide a complete picture of the property.

Testimonial videos

Previous clients who've used your services can send videos advocating for you. This can help you attract potential clients and establish trust and authority in the real estate industry.

Real Estate bio videos

Let your personality shine through and make your value proposition known with a short intro clip. You can post it on your social media platforms, in your website's 'about' section and in your email signature.

Using real estate video marketing can make your job as a real estate agent much more accessible. Leverage off the power and popularity of video and digital to make your overall marketing strategy more effective.

Property 3D Rendering Videos

The 3D rendering video is a way to give potential investors and buyers an idea of what the finished product might look like. It can be used as a marketing tool for real estate businesses or home builders, architects, interior designers, and more.


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