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Queensland Accommodation Fire Evacuation Diagrams: Keeping Your Guests Safe

As an accommodation owner in Queensland, you have a crucial responsibility to ensure your guests' fire safety. A clear and comprehensive fire evacuation diagram displayed in each room is a vital part of this. These diagrams are also known as accommodation fire safety plans and comply with Queensland fire regulations.

Queensland accommodation fire evacuation diagrams

What Needs to Be on Your Accommodation Fire Evacuation Diagram.

Your fire evacuation diagram should be like a roadmap to safety during a fire. Here's the essential information it must include:

  • Know Your Layout: A scaled drawing of the building layout is key. This should show the location of each room, with clear room numbers for easy identification.

  • Exit Strategy: Clearly mark all exits on the diagram. Think of them as your escape routes!

  • The Path to Safety: Don't leave your guests guessing! Indicate the path of travel to each exit, including any stairs they'll need to use.

  • Be Prepared to Fight Back (if available): If your building has fire extinguishers or hose reels, mark their locations on the diagram so guests know where to find them if needed.

  • Assembly Point: Where will everyone meet after evacuating? Clearly mark the designated safe area outside the building on the diagram.

  • Finding the Alarm: If your building has a fire alarm panel, mark its location on the diagram for easy reference.

  • Direction Matters: Make sure your diagram is oriented correctly. This ensures occupants can easily understand the direction of exits relative to their room.

Going the Extra Mile:

While the above information is essential, here are some additional elements you can consider including on your fire evacuation diagram:

  • Emergency Contact: Display the national emergency service number (000) prominently on the diagram.

  • Quick Instructions: A short note reminding occupants to close doors and windows behind them if possible during evacuation, and to not re-enter the building until advised by emergency services can be very helpful.


  • Clear is Key: Use easy-to-understand symbols and avoid cluttering the diagram with unnecessary information.

  • Size Matters: Make sure the diagram is large enough for occupants to read easily, even in low light conditions.

  • Regular Review: Review your fire evacuation plan and diagram regularly, especially after any changes to the building layout.

Queensland Accommodation Fire Evacuation Diagram Requirements

Fire evacuation diagrams in Queensland accommodations must adhere to specific guidelines set by the Queensland Building Fire Safety Regulations. These diagrams typically include:

  • A scaled floor plan

  • Clearly marked exits

  • Escape routes

  • Location of fire extinguishers (if applicable)

  • Assembly point outside the building

  • Fire alarm panel location (if applicable)

  • Optional: Emergency contact number (000)

  • Optional: Instructions for evacuation procedures

By following these requirements and creating clear, informative fire evacuation diagrams, you can ensure your guests' safety and compliance with local regulations.

Queensland accommodation fire diagrams

Types of accommodation businesses in Queensland, Australia that need an accommodation fire evacuation diagram:

  • Traditional Lodging:

  • Hotels

  • Motels

  • Guest houses

  • Serviced apartments

  • Holiday resort apartments

  • Short-Term Rentals:

  • Bed and breakfasts (B&Bs)

  • Boutique hotels

  • Homestays

  • Vacation rentals (Airbnb, Vrbo, etc.)

  • Serviced residences

  • Budget Accommodation:

  • Hostels

  • Backpacker accommodation

  • Boarding houses

  • Budget motels

  • Specialized Accommodation:

  • Farm stays (if exceeding 300 sqm or 12 person capacity)

  • Eco-lodges

  • Glamping sites (if permanent structures)

  • Worker's accommodation camps (temporary may have different requirements)

  • Student accommodation dorms

Creating clear and up-to-date fire evacuation diagrams can be time-consuming. Don't wait until an emergency! Contact us today, and we can assist you in creating professional fire evacuation diagrams for your Queensland accommodation properties. We'll ensure your guests are safe and you're meeting all local fire safety regulations.



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