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Tips for preparing your home for professional photography | Australian Real Estate Photography

getting the most professional real estate photography services
Getting the most of professional real estate photography services

Get the most out of your professional property Photographer

In the Kitchen:

Having some things on the kitchen counters is good, but an overabundance of appliances is a distraction. Pare it down. Less is usually best.

Areas near telephones should be neat and free of notes, paper scraps, telephone books and answering machines.

Remove everything from the refrigerator doors.

Remove kitchen sink items such as dish soaps and hand soap (unless it’s really nice soap!)

Dish towels almost never enhance the atmosphere.

Remove on-counter paper towel holders.

maximising your investment in professional real estate photography
Maximising your investment in professional real estate photography

Things to consider adding:

Have some fresh flowers on hand, fake flowers are fine too if they’re nice. Be sure the flowers compliment the space.

Bowls with fresh fruit also help add some life and colour.

Open cookbook on the countertop. Set wine glasses and a bottle of wine nearby.

Living Room:

Organize coffee tables by removing any over abundance of magazines or books. Just like appliances in the kitchen, a few items are good; too many make it look cluttered.

Put away remotes (if it’s a control unit that we might need for the fireplace or window blinds, please leave them accessible)

Minimize the number of family photographs, religious or iconic items. 

Fluff and straighten couch pillows

using a professional real estate photographer to maximise your listing
Using a professional real estate photographer to maximise your listing


Perhaps obviously, beds should be made. Personal items on nightstands are easy to overlook, but should certainly be removed. Remove tissue boxes.

Professional bedroom real estate photography
Professional bedroom real estate photography


Personal items that are normally on the countertops should be placed in a box and hidden away (makeup, hairbrushes, toothbrushes, razors, etc.)

The same applies to the shower and bathtub. Pack away the shampoo, conditioners, loofa, razors. 

Toilet lids closed.

Candles are a nice touch, as are fresh matching towels.

Preparing Bathrooms for Professional Real Estate Photos
Preparing Bathrooms for Professional Real Estate Photos


Remove all shoes, coats, or other clutter. Make sure coat racks are not overloaded.

best professional real estate photographer in Sydney
Entry to home real estate images


Be sure lightbulbs are working, lamps plugged in, window shades/blinds are working, tissue boxes removed. In the winter, if hot tubs and swimming pools are to be included in any photos remove any inflatable plastic swimming pool toys,Outdoor furniture should have covers removed and cushions in place.

Professional Sydney real estate photography swimming pool

More on Staging:

“The goal of staging is to get the most money for a home by creating an appealing and engaging environment, accentuating the positives and downplaying any negatives,”

“When staging, the goal is to make an empty home more tangible to potential buyers by defining spaces with proportionately scaled furnishings and creating a warm, inviting space. 

It’s a great idea to hire a professional, but if that doesn’t fit your budget, there are a few things you can do to cozy up the home for a showing or for photography. 

Pay attention to two simple things: de-cluttering and setting a nice scene. 

When people view a home and see too many personal things, they feel like they’re invading someone’s space. They need to be able to envision themselves living in that space, so keep it clean, organized and inviting.

Central Coast NSW real estate home staging
Central Coast NSW real estate home staging

When we arrive for a photoshoot, one of the first things we do is look for things to take out of the shot. When dealing with a fully furnished home, sometimes less is best. The areas of greatest concern are kitchens, living rooms, coffee tables, bedrooms and bathrooms. Remove all but the essentials (see details above).

De-cluttering is especially challenging when homeowners are living in the residence, but it can still be done. It’s important to pare down “accumulation zones” where clutter seems to pile up (entries, phone areas, countertops) and asking your homeowners to put toiletries and other personal items in a box that can quickly and easily be hidden during showings. 

Once de-cluttering is done, think about creating a scene in areas of interest.

For example, big kitchen counter tops might benefit from a cutting board, a loaf of bread, a knife, bottle of wine, wine glasses, open cookbook, etc. This creates a nice mood and helps the viewer feel like a welcome guest. The master bedroom might look nice with an assembled tea tray resting on the bed — bed and breakfast style. We encourage creativity, but the cliche is better than nothing! Flowers almost always help add a splash of colour and life but make sure they complement the decor, otherwise, it could detract rather than enhance

decluttering home in advance of real estate photographer
Decluttering home in advance of real estate photographer

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