Real life experience of using Fujifilm XT4 X mount system as a professional real estate photographer

Updated: Jan 29

Real life experience of using Fujifilm XT4 X mount system as a professional real estate photographer and videographer.

I have been a Fujifilm user for the last 6 years and shoot professional real estate on the Central Coast of Australia. I predominantly use Fujifilm as my preferred camera gear.

Having changed from Olympus around late 2016 to Fujifilm, I have slowly increased my gear to cover everything I need to complete my work. My current gear is as follows:

shooting real estate photography fujifilm xt4

Camera Bodies

FujiFilm XT4 ( Main body for Video)

FujiFilm XT3 ( Main body for Images)

FujiFilm X- E1 (Spare Backup, just in case i need)


Samyang 12mm f2

Fujifilm 10-24mm Mk1

FujiFilm Fujinon 16 -55 F2.8

XF 35mm F2 ( my best lens for detail shots)

XF 56mm 1.2

XF50-140mmF2.8 R LM OIS WR

XC50-230mmf4.5-6.7 ois ii

Selection of vintage lenses for video and personal projects


RODE wireless GO

Wired Lav Mic (Backup)

Flash, all Godex flashes are also known as Flashpoint in the USA.

Godex AD200Pro

Godox V1

Godox 685 Thinklite TTL Speedlight x2

Godox TT350 2.4G TTL HSS

Godox X1N 2.4G Wireless TTL Flash Trigger Receiver


DJI Mavic Air 2

FIMI X8 SE 2020 8KM FPV (backup)

So what were the main reasons I chose Fujifilm as my preferred camera manufacturer for my real estate photography needs? There were three major factors, one was the price, doing my research on the lenses that I required to perform my role, the holy trinity of lenses, all the way from a wide-angle to telephoto. It was by far cheaper in the Fujifilm system using the Fujinon lens, also with some third party lenses like the excellent Samyang 12mm.

I felt confident I was investing in a good system.

One of my major considerations was future-proofing with the technology as well. Fujifilm had already gone across to mirrorless, and would advance quickly with their technology. I was also pleased by Fujifilm looking after their customers with regular firmware updates which always breathed new life into the cameras.

Fujifilm x mount systems for real estate Photography and Video

There's nothing worse than investing in a new camera, only to find it, perpetually being replaced every 12 months with a new or better version. It drives down the second hand value of your products. Fujifilm seems to have a slightly longer development and release cycle and support with firmware updates, which was desirable to me as a professional photographer.

Another major factor for me choosing Fujifilm Fujinon lenses, was the that the manufacturer already adopted and embraced mirrorless technology. The fact that I can see my exposure white balance everything directly through the viewfinder was a game-changer for me. Nikon and Canon, at the time of choosing to invest in Fuji Phil, hadn't gone to mirrorless, and it wasn't clear that they were going to adopt that technology.

Fujifilm Real estate Photography

Real Estate photography doesn't really require gear to be the cutting edge of technology, but at least to be on the right side of the fence as far as future-proofing our products is always desirable from an investment side of things.

One of the advantages of the Fujifilm system initially for me was its size and weight. This is not such a major decision making factor for me these days. As I've invested in a lot of the red budget lenses, which are typically heavier than their more budget versions, I'm seeking higher quality over size as a factor these days.

Australian professional real estate photographer using Fujifilm

One area of concern for me with the Fujifilm system is its support for professional photography, with the X mount system. Currently, here in Australia, they don't have a professional services agreement. This is something that I would look for going forward and hopefully, they will bring in.

Lastly, another thing worth noting and discussing. If you're reviewing whether to use the Fujifilm system for your real estate photography and video needs, or any other camera manufacturer is: Do you enjoy using the camera? You know, if you're going to be using a camera in your daily needs. It needs to feel fun to use, it needs to feel logical to use. You need to be able to navigate around the camera quickly. It needs to be intuitive. If you have changing situations, changing demands, suddenly required to go from video to photographs or photographs back to video, now you need headshots. How does the camera feel in your hand to make those different changes whilst looking professional on the spot.

Why I chose Fujifilm as my preferred manufacturer real estate photograhy

You can't seem to be fumbling through the menu systems looking for the settings you require the camera needs to be intuitive. My experience in the Fujifilm system is the navigation is very clear and easy to use. I use a lot of the custom function buttons to get the settings that I need quickly.

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