Central Coast Afforable and efficient Real Estate Photography Shoot

Recent real estate shoot of a fantastic 2 floor 3 bedroom property in Glenning Valley Central Coast.

Real estate photography can make or break your listing iDeal Photography, understand the pressures and offer a fast and efficient turnaround of images and floor plans

Glenning Valley Real estate Photo
Central Coast Real Estate Photography

All our images get the magic ideal photography editing checklist to increase prospects and buyers interest.

White Balancing

Image Sharpening

Vertical & horizontal straightening

Remove minor blemishes

Lens distortion removal

Brightness & contrast adjustment

Outdoor sky replacement

Lawn enhancement – repair or replace

Remove pool cleaners from water

Tone adjustment

TV screen replacement

Dust removal spot removal

Flash reflection

Add fire to fireplaces

HDR bracketing with indoor window replacement

Remove photographer’s reflection

New Real Estate online scheduling system launched, efficiently book your next shoot now

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